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We are committed to socially responsible buying practices and a big part of this is traveling directly to origin to meet with the producers as well as leaders of the cooperatives, mills, exporters and importers. We create long-term buying relationships to support living wages and to improve the lives of the coffee harvesters. We seek out exceptional quality that fits our range of taste profiles we think are the best for Charlotte Coffee, and we pay a premium for these coffees to support sustainability for the producers and everyone involved in the supply chain.

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We believe in supporting local and that great coffee helps build great community. We donate 10% of retail sales to local non-profits dedicated to ending hunger and homelessness. We directly source very special coffees from around the world and pay a premium to ensure sustainability and wages that help improve the lives of the producers & their families. So enjoy our delicious coffees and knowing your support makes a difference locally & globally.

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